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Improve Your Mind

With Critical Thinking, Logic and Questioning

This course will teach you how to improve your mind by improving your reason and the consistency of your ideas.


By using this method, you will equip yourself with a skill for self-improvement and a method for testing ideas, with other people or in your own time.

What you'll receive with this course:

  • Full, permanent and immediate access to the course materials, including: videos, transcripts, suggested readings and quizzes to test your knowledge.

  • Full, permanent and immediate access to the Logic & Language community where you can chat with other students, ask questions, collaborate and share ideas.

  • Access to our dedicated tutors who are always ready to answer your questions.

First used by the godfather of philosophy, The Socratic Method has long been recognised as an effective tool for improving our thinking.

It allows us to improve by challenging us to test our ideas, explain them, develop them and make them stronger.

Many people feel that their beliefs are clear to them but with a handful of questions, they discover that they understand far less than they thought. But for Socrates, this was the beginning of Wisdom.

When people spoke to Socrates, they might have left the conversation questioning their beliefs. But whatever beliefs remained, they held with more confidence and clarity.

By learning this method, you can learn to do the same.


This course will cover:

  • Core Tenets

  • Background

  • Definitions

  • Reason

  • Agreement

  • Questions

  • Virtue and Character

  • A Progression

  • Creativity

With a list of recommended sources included.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course within 30 days, we guarantee your money back

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