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Philosophy and Apologetics Seminars


NOTE: Some users have reported issues with website and email correspondence. Therefore, if you try to make contact but there appears to be an undue delay, or you would simply like to contact me directly to make things quick and easy, please feel free to do so.

You can contact me by WhatsApp (+447542323133),

Or by Telegram: @thetvc

These seminars are designed as discussion groups where we can reason together about questions of philosophy and apologetics.

These are free-form sessions without a pre-set course, that anyone can join. Members can raise any questions they have encountered, and discuss possible answers to them.

For those who feel confused and have doubts, these sessions are a great opportunity to look for answers, and for those who lack doubt, they are a great opportunity to practice your skills of thinking, reasoning and explanation.

If you are interested in joining one of our seminars, you can book directly below and we also encourage you to fill-out our seminar form below.

Seminars Form

Please take a moment to fill out our form.

Note: when enough students have overlapping time preferences, new time-slots can be added

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