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  • italki

Leonardo (Dominican Republic)

Tony is an excellent teacher. He always adapts the classes to my needs and answers all my questions. In addition, he's a very kind person. I highly recommend his classes.

Leonardo (Brazil)

Tony is an excellent teacher. Very friendly and dedicated. He will help you to improve your English correcting all your mistakes. Every class is exciting, and I've always learned a lot.

Kacper (Poland)

Lessons with Tony are very interesting, you can choose both conversational and grammar sessions. Tony is patient and has very individual and professional approach.

Josie (United Kingdom)

I have known Tony for some years now. When I panic about an essay he explains it logically and step by step. His style is very efficient and follows a precise methodology for both the research of an essay as well as the writing of it. I recommend Tony because he follows his own succinct plan and will not only make you feel like you can write an essay but prove you can even when you did not think you could!

Martin (China)

Tony is very knowledgeable and professional. We've discussed many topics and each time he has provided a new perspective and knowledge. Tony's lessons have been very helpful for me in learning the language and I strongly recommend him.

Joyce (Taiwan)

Tony is awesome!SUPER intelligent and has dialectical critiques on different topics. So we will have debates on ethical topics like abortion, euthanasia, morality, conscription, medicine and science, very rewarding lessons, my mind used to be a mess but I think I am clearer about my thoughts and positions now, especially during the arguments with my family and friends

Elena (Spain)

I´ve had three lessons with Tony so far. I´m ever so happy that I chose him as a tutor. Having conversations with him is a pleasure, as he is conversant in almost any topic. He´s also very professional and helpful. He´s willing to adapt to my varied learning needs, so I feel I am understood and looked after.

Pan (China)

Tony always provide some unique views about different topics, they are new for me and always solve my logical confusion. Learning with Tony is really a special experience, you can think about a lot of things in a way that you never thought before. He is not only an English teacher.

Bennacer (France)

I really like the way how Tony encourages me to speak by let me the time to do my sentences. Furthermore, he is very engaged in his explanations.

Alan (Hong Kong)

Tony is a patient, efficient and considerate teacher. In this lesson, he guided me through the process of improving and rewriting a personal statement for graduate school application. I have learned how to tell my story in a more engaging way, an important skill not only in school but also in the workplace.

Oleksandra (Poland)

Tony is a great teacher. Reliable, patient, knows a lot about different topics, has a good sense of humor. Definitely recommend

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