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Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the course within 30 days, we guarantee your money back

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I have known Tony for some years now. When I panic about an essay he explains it logically and step by step. His style is very efficient and follows a precise methodology for both the research of an essay as well as the writing of it. I recommend Tony because he follows his own succinct plan and will not only make you feel like you can write an essay but prove you can even when you did not think you could!


It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Tony knows absolutely everything about essay writing, no matter what the topic is. I have learnt a lot and my grades have significantly improved over the past months; first I had an average rate of 70, but after studying with Tony my average rate is 85! Thank you Tony, I wouldn’t have made it without your help!
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Learn an Effective Method for Writing Essays and Dissertations

Write efficiently and effectively

This course will teach you an effective method for writing a humanities essay in as little as 8 hours (from start to finish). This same method can help you with the rest of your essays and dissertation.

What you'll receive with this course:

  • Full, permanent and immediate access to the course videos that explain demonstrate each step.

  • Full, permanent and immediate access to the Logic & Language community where you can chat with other students, ask questions, collaborate and share ideas.

  • Access to our dedicated tutors who are always ready to answer your questions.

  • Essay feedback for each step: you will be asked to submit your work after each step of the course to get it professionally reviewed to ensure that you are using it correctly.


This course will cover each stage of essay-writing:

  • Assignment and Criteria

  • Research

  • Planning and Structure

  • Writing

  • Referencing and Proofreading

Prices from £19.99

Note: All payment plans include full, unlimited access to the course

12-week payment: £19.99/week

8-week payment: £28.99/week

4-week payment: £55.99/week

One-time purchase: £219.99

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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