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An Enhanced Introduction to Logic

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This series aims to give an overall introduction to logic that can be applicable to anyone in any walk of life. For those who want to use logic formally, it will lay a foundation and for those who don't, it will cover most everything they need to grasp the use of logic and its function. This series moves through 4 stages. Stage 1 establishes the nature of logic, (We will lay the foundation of what logic is, how it relates to reality and say something about how the laws of logic can be abused) Stage 2 explains the basic form of logic structure and argument, (We will discuss the elements of logical thinking, how they are ordered and how they relate to one-another) Stage 3 makes a number of distinctions between logical concepts, (We will distinguish between various terms and concepts so that we can understand logic with a higher level of resolution and avoid some common, key mistakes) Stage 4 moves our study onto more nuanced and complex aspects of logic. (We will discuss some topics that appear to stand on the boundary of logic which push our rational thinking further) By the end of this series you should have basic understanding of logic and should be ready to start developing your understanding of it as it applies to your life, whilst being guarded against many misunderstandings that can otherwise muddy our understanding of logic and taint our relationship to this pillar of the mind.

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